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April 2014

On Caring…..

What is the Stretch when it comes to Caring for Someone?…..

This is etched in my Mind now….

What does it Involve?

It gets Confusing at Times….

Is it…..Too many Phone Calls or Texts or Emails?

Is it…Sacrifices In Terms of Time?, to Just see Someone?

Is It…that Person Being Constantly In Your Toughts, Mind. Dreams?

How Can You Tell If Its Real Or Not?

If Its Too Much Or Too Little?

What is the STRETCH……….?


Am in a circus just like everyone else around me….Its a whirlwind of so much…its LIFE!!!

when did it get so crazy? I have, and I don’t think I will stop reading about Authenticity!

there is enough  literature for and about “finding self.”

when did I loose myself to this Abyss?

how many books till I hit one that is a “jackpot?”

but this journey of being authentic is looking promising….

…I am here, I am writing..and its about authenticity….BLAM!!!!!

Funny huh?

…..Yeah, I believe its about doing things that make you feel sane and make

you connect to the inner part of your being!

I have a mug of latte, my journal, fries( yes I am HIGHLY hormonal) and I have something to

actually jot down…how cool is that?

So there is hope,,,believe me(smiling).

I am alone in one of my favorite cafe, I love their latte to bits/drops…doesn’t matter..ha!

oh damn…I was reaching for it and its over…when did that happen?

should I order for a refill? I am on a roll here can you see….?

I feel great!!!

I want this feeling to last longer than a long minute because at this point I have blocked

everything else out… God knows there is Much!

Today I want to NOT feel guilty, not to trip over Triviality….I want to just be!

Go on peeps… find yourselves everyday…its fun

Self approval is way better than being falsely flattered…

I am still on this quest.

Be authentic.

love. love. Pauline!

Future self

I am creating a story of my future,

and I wanna tell it over and over again,

A future that I’m looking forward to;

a future of fulfilled Desires


Plenty of time,

and works of art everywhere…

It starts from within…

I wanna feel and be 26 all my life 🙂

To Play

To Enjoy

To Dance

To Laugh Out Loud

Why can’t I just enjoy that? Why cant we?

Why wait for tomorrow when we got now?

Lets make our Mark now

Lets celebrate Youth now

There is so much Promise in the NOW

Hence my daily Mantra:



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