Am in a circus just like everyone else around me….Its a whirlwind of so much…its LIFE!!!

when did it get so crazy? I have, and I don’t think I will stop reading about Authenticity!

there is enough  literature for and about “finding self.”

when did I loose myself to this Abyss?

how many books till I hit one that is a “jackpot?”

but this journey of being authentic is looking promising….

…I am here, I am writing..and its about authenticity….BLAM!!!!!

Funny huh?

…..Yeah, I believe its about doing things that make you feel sane and make

you connect to the inner part of your being!

I have a mug of latte, my journal, fries( yes I am HIGHLY hormonal) and I have something to

actually jot down…how cool is that?

So there is hope,,,believe me(smiling).

I am alone in one of my favorite cafe, I love their latte to bits/drops…doesn’t matter..ha!

oh damn…I was reaching for it and its over…when did that happen?

should I order for a refill? I am on a roll here can you see….?

I feel great!!!

I want this feeling to last longer than a long minute because at this point I have blocked

everything else out… God knows there is Much!

Today I want to NOT feel guilty, not to trip over Triviality….I want to just be!

Go on peeps… find yourselves everyday…its fun

Self approval is way better than being falsely flattered…

I am still on this quest.

Be authentic.

love. love. Pauline!