Our Daily interactions with people is the Top of the Top School for Mastering the true Art of Conversation.
We don’t have to see this but to keenly observe and enjoy the diversity.
There is no Perfection but there is Learning and some fun in it. It depends on who you are facing and also who you spend your times most with.
I wanna share one of the best conversations I have had recently. There are so many to put on paper. But there are some that just Hold a SPECIAL Spot.
So just the other day I come home from work and my son as usual hugs me and STARTS telling me about everything really…
As usual I listen. Then he tells me he wants to use the bathroom. When I take him he asks me:
Me: yes Alex..?
Alex: mommy….?
Me: yes….?
Alex: will you take my bike to be repaired!?
Me: (feeling guilty…its been there for a while now)…yes I will…
Alex: this weekend?
Me: yes…..I hope.
Alex: will you go buy some money mommy!?
So you have some to take my bike to be repaired!?”
Me: (touched beyond words…exhales…)
Yes I will baby.
Alex:okay mommy.

This is what makes me think and think. Positively. I wish we can all be like Children. They are ever adorable. Gotta love em. so the ball is in my court this weekend. I have to do it for him.

Here is another one about fashion with a Catholic Nun.

(I went to see her wearing some street style jeans…ragged to be prescise)

Nun: what is the meaning of your jeans!?
Me: what do you mean!?…(confused)…(smiling secretly)….
Nun: it has “holes” in it….
Me: (can’t contain my laughter now)..its just fashion I guess…
Nun: fashion?
Me: yes…( trying to avoid the subject)..
Nun: is it to make you look POOR!?
Me: no. I just got it like that. There is no meaning…..(help me out here guys)….
Nun: i don’t understand that kind of fashion….
Me: kept quiet and the subject was dropped.

Its hard at times. How do u avoid that really?

Well, you have to go with the flow where its warranted. Or evade the awkward situations where you can.

Choose your conversations wisely. Words are damn Tricky.