Its Amazing just how much you can Learn from all the little things in life, at Least every Situation of every moment faced there MUST be something to Learn from especially if you look Keenly.
Time and again we meet new People in life. These people teach us Enormous Life Lessons that Linger but we NEVER take the lessons Seriously. It is True that once some people get what they Want from you,…They Leave!!! Once they do leave, you MUST take that as a lesson that people aren’t ALWAYS what they seem!!

We are faced with Choices in life, choices that make us have Crisis and Conflict within us. Unless we are Strong and encouraged enough then it becomes a major BLOW…… pray and to be wise is the key to Survival. It reaches a point In life when many things in life get broken and you constantly Strive to fix them and/or replace them, and they keep failing…we sort of Give up. It adds up to a void that we try to fill by looking for that Something or that someone that makes us whole and/or complete.

It’s okay to just STOP and BREATHE.

First….by doing some more Self Discovery, upgrading your Self Esteem and Re-defining your Self Worth and finding the Road that leads to Happiness….which you have to be on for Life!!

When Healing starts from the inside to the outside, then it becomes complete. Once you erase all the Crap and you Blot out all the unhappy moments ever lived…

…..Life becomes Easier once you know your WORTH and then you Purpose for the Future…and take Every Moment to Learn Lessons that are there. It’s hard To even Remember this but what’s up with the “WILL POWER?”