This turns out magical when you need to sort out through things and emotions that you are unsure of. It happens when you realize you have been talking too much without the proper audience. By the time one opts to silence they have really really tried to be heard to no avail.

I don’t like resulting to Silence as a way out of anything. But when the situation turns bleak then I have nothing more to do. When the situation seems to be a cycle or a fight that doesn’t really get any resolve then I have no other option.

Does this make me a coward? Probably yes. Probably No. Either way Silence really can pull you through. In silence you can rediscover some sanity. Maybe a sense of worth and perhaps maybe more freedom of speech….(Ironically yeah…..)

So now that this is my way of trying to regroup I feel like I can use it to my benefit when need arises. Trust me This works. So instead of spitting meaningless words and making long unnecessary speeches, why don’t you sit back and think things through???

Because,, who knows what you will reap from it??!

I stand to be Corrected….