It’s Monday April 13th, the year is 2015. I have a STRONG urge to go home, hug my pillow and sleep the rest of the day. At least that’s how I was feeling…



1.Coffee: Because This is a necessary DRUG. No kidding!!

 I am feeling kinda blue today. I need to feel some adrenaline rush.

2.Quotes: because they always, ALWAYS lift me up. Doesn’t matter where I am. I don’t choose but I navigate towards motivational, inspirational, cheesy, funny, and mommy Quotes. 

3. Blogging: because reading other peoples thoughts and ideas has a way of making me feel enlightned somehow. There is a whole lot going on. I just need to read. 

4. A good Book: currently am reading a book by Carolyn Mackler called “Love and Other Four Letter Words.” This is heartwarming and sweet. 

5. There are happy MEMORIES that I revisit and they blot away the Monday blues or any blues whatsoever. They are not even far fetched. They are just in the recent past. Like yesterday morning  I was making breakfast, I had decided to do homemade Scones, masala mixed tea and sausages, so i was busy setting the table and basically multitasking. I had a 3 Doors Down CD blaring on, so my mood was upbeat. My son had just woken up nursing a nasty sore throat. 

I heard a song I hadn’t heard in ages( the whole CD), and was smiling by myself when my son just said, “awww mummy why are you smiling alone!? You are so cute!!”

How about that??

TOTALLY heartwarming. I hugged him so tight he complained. So the rest of the day he kept telling everyone how cute they are;))

It is so SPECIAL. This little things have a way  with them, don’t you think?!

Lastly: The thing is, there is a lot of simplicity when it comes to boosting a low mood or day. The face of a loved one, a recent nice email that had a reassuring voice in it, family visitations where there was soul food literally at its best and my favourite music. I think the most important thing is that its a good thing not to feel lonely when you are alone at anytime. Keep yourself company and make sure its an amazing time you have. This way its easy to radiate positive energy to those near you. 

Stay Zen.