Sky….this three letter word has more meaning to me than its usual meaning….. 


One its blue..

Blue is my favourite colour because its tranquil and confident and bold. 

Ironically there are many times I dont really feel these and such is life. 

Two, Its the strength..

The strength seen in the sky and beyond…..Where eagles go for escape and peace. Where they can look at things in a better view. 

(soaring high like eagles;-))

Three ,I know nothing with Certainty but the sight of the stars at night also makes me dream…

I love the Sky because it gives me that vision of being like an eagle. Of flying ever so high and beyond. day or night the sky has alot more to offer than just the view. 

Because of this understanding of the Sky we should strive to be like eagles. We should be bold. We should be strong. We should be forward. 

Am hopeful though that with this in mind I can work on my strengths and aim higher…and higher. And radiate this awesomeness to those around me…(fluffing my feathers with pride)!

I can. 

We can. 

Love, Love, Love and Light,