I have been itching to write something. This past days have had their fair share of madness. …with a splash of bliss…What can I say, I chose to scream in this rollercoaster that is life, well, not entirely so becoz there were some highs…


“Getting knocked down in life is a given.

Getting up and moving forward is a

choice.”- Zig Ziglar

I can relate to the above saying. Even after all the dips or the highs, you just have to move forward. Am glad that I can do this not alone but with some cherished people. 

No matter what, I choose to smile knowing someone somewhere has got my back.,.

Why am writing is because as a human being,taking time to appreciate is a hussle so I have made a point of writting down my prayer and what am thankful for(which is a whole lot).

Now I know I don’t need to forgive until I need to forgive. I don’t need nerves of steel until I need nerves of steel. I don’t need to call on my reserves of compassion or fortitude or faith until I have used up everything else.

When am healthy and happy, I will make sure that I dance or hit the gym or whatever that will boost the adrenaline(coffee??..anyone?!!)