So the continuation of my previous musings are yet again inspired by music. This time it’s Kenny G and a rather chilled out Friday evening. 

Just the other day I came to yet again come to fully understand the meaning of “hanging/living in the moment!”

Experiences and interactions shape us in ways we only come to know of later. All in All I know I want to be bolder and Braver in this Life. After all it’s just one life. 

Before I deviate so much and talk about life I have just remembered my previous musings were on Love. This ever interesting subject. 

So It got me wondering……….what’s wrong in telling it as it is? I mean like when you love/like someone? Do you want to wait for a sign in the moon or something? I believe that it can take a minute to like someone and also say it as it is. Those feelings you feel you have to reveal them. 

Again I say out loud that I don’t think it’s wrong to be Able to say I love you to the people I love and just how much I do and with All the fullness and wholeness my Heart can Hold. I want to be able to say I was brave enough to put it all on the line, and I risked being cracked open again and again. To say I was brave enough to have the conversations that made me uncomfortable, so I can say I truly put myself out there, with every single soul who graced my life with their presence. Despite hurt, heartache, and loss. Such is Life, a series of risks!!

As Kenny G Intelligently winds down “the Joy of Life,” I can’t help but mull over some of this. Love is here to stay. I am just learning different variations of it. As it comes so it shall be handled. Meanwhile, at the moment the most important thing after all is said and done is to hold on to the hope that Love always finds a way. It does!!!