Last time I was really feeling lovey dovey as you could tell from the posts but today I deviate just a little and talk about, well….Life yet again…so let’s indulge in it please..with a smile..

Oft times we go through some situations that are really inevitable if you ask me but nonetheless manage to spark something in us. A lesson maybe? A wake up call maybe?It depends on the situation. So this got me thinking of a little tale between the Frog and the Scorpion. I hope it sparks something in you as it did for me. This is day to day happenings. It’s not new at all. But as humans we need constant lessons till we learn. Here goes:

“There is this frog about to swim across a stream. And there’s this Scorpion, sitting on a Rock. He asks the frog for a ride/ swim/ jump/…across the water. Now the Frog is A helpful guy. He doesn’t like to see anyone else in a fix. But he’s afraid the Scorpion is going to bite him. So he says, ‘All right. I’ll give you a lift. But only if you promise not to Sting me. “

Well, the Scorpion agrees to the deal of course, and he jumps on the Frog’s back. Off they go, sailing across the stream. But once they get to the other side, the Scorpion curls his tail and gives the Frog a Sting. The Frog is dying; he doesn’t know what to do. ‘Why did you sting me? You Promised not to,’ he says. The Scorpion just laugh. He says, ‘why did you believe me, you dumb Frog? Because it’s your nature to trust. That’s why. And that’s the same reason I had to Sting you. I couldn’t help myself. That’s just my nature.’  

Does it ring a bell? I thought it might. And your guess is as good as mine why this had to be inked. Now off for some tea and my heavy woolen socks….