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August 2015

Listen To that Kid…

Busy Putting Away Old Clothes. Then Son walks into the bedroom and Finds me Holding an ArmSling he used:Alex: that’s an Old one ( ideally he wouldav said, that has memories Ma lol)

Me: Yeah that’s why am putting it away. 

(The he Wows me with the next sentence) 

Alex: Mungu Atafungua Page Ingine Mom( God Will Open another Page Mom). 

Am Melting with Pride!!!
I decided to expound on this because of how timely it was on A cold Sunday afternoon. I am the kind who does a lot of comfort eating and that day I did a lot of that before the above conversation. I wish there was real remedy in food in terms of comfort apart form all the added weight. No regrets though( Just kidding…🙈). It’s amazing how we say Kids are Angels without really thinking about it. We hadn’t even gone to Church on that day otherwise I would’ve said it was influence from Church. So This shocked and comforted me at the same time. My Son at times It feels Like he is Wise beyond his almost Five years. And when he is a child, he is a true Child. Next time when you are talking to Child. Don’t downplay their talk. Listen. Listen. There is a lot to learn.  

 Kids are just Amazing. 



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