this is a throwback.

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It’s Monday April 13th, the year is 2015. I have a STRONG urge to go home, hug my pillow and sleep the rest of the day. At least that’s how I was feeling…



1.Coffee: Because This is a necessary DRUG. No kidding!!

I am feeling kinda blue today. I need to feel some adrenaline rush.

2.Quotes: because they always, ALWAYS lift me up. Doesn’t matter where I am. I don’t choose but I navigate towards motivational, inspirational, cheesy, funny, and mommy Quotes.

3. Blogging: because reading other peoples thoughts and ideas has a way of making me feel enlightned somehow. There is a whole lot going on. I just need to read.

4. A good Book: currently am reading a book by Carolyn Mackler called “Love and Other Four Letter Words.” This is heartwarming and sweet.

5. There are happy MEMORIES that I revisit and they blot away…

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