Being Busy for me is easy. I work in the medical field and there are so many people that need to be treated. I love my job. With this fast paced world it’s easy to loose track of so many things. There are those things that should be a priority and shouldn’t be ignored for long. Like Health, family, friends, pampering and just generally get to connect with self. It’s easier said than done but very much doable. Being busy also is a way of not focusing on the negative vibe that crops all the time. The idle mind tends to wonder so much. 

Being busy is a way to know what you can prioritize on once time emerges. 

Being busy makes you maximize on certain moments and live in that moment. 

Being busy helps you cope with a breaking heart. You put your heart and soul into work and sooner or a little later the heartbreak wears off…….well somehow. It depends on the level of the heart break…..maybe?!

I thought to write this because I have in the resent past emersed myself into work and work and it has helped me cope with so much that has been going on in my life. So in a good way it has been a healing in some way and am thankful. 

In the midst of this busyness I have been able to maximize on so many wonderful moments as well. Hence why I mentioned that it makes you really prioritize on some things once the time is there. To me Busy-ness is a Blessing.  

There is much to say but I believe now that I must run to my next errand. 

But first………some coffee Please!!!!!