I found the inspiration I wanted to put up this post. – 



I realized that -(scratch that)- I am and have always been a very sensitive and caring person. Those who know me can confirm… .

I have spent a good amount of time and of my life taking care of others. And I have and will always do so with every fibre in my being. 

When you naturally are born to take care of others you will find yourself giving it your all. You at an early age have to be mature, independent, and not just independent, be highly so, give more hugs all the time, because you also need hugs in return, they are so reassuring. 

Before I continue….

…… to why we have to be tough on the outside, am reminded of how soft on the inside it feels. I found myself at a melting point yesternight hence Why I mentioned my sensitiveness earlier on. That overwhelming feeling you feel when you love people so much you would do anything for them…. You feel me right?!

I continue…

…..So yeeeeesss?! ……….There is much about taking care of others that is rewarding. I mean genuinely. Not under obligation. 

I will support the ones I take care of because i want them to be the best they could be. To encourage. To hug. To smile. To be tough on them. To protect. To wipe their tears. To know them well. To be romantic ( in context to a boyfriend). To LOVE. To Guide. To Walk through life together. To be there. Always….