There is Always an Endless demand on our time. There’s always something to do. If you are not physically doing something then the mind is busy racing with thoughts and ideas. 
Life can be indeed messy…. Work can get messy…Relationships get messy…

We should accept all these mess, But then do something about it….if it’s to meet friends, do it. If it’s to go for an adventure,do it. If you fall in love, pursue your love interest. 

So long as you have blood flowing in your body, never let life just pass you by. Just do something about it. 
You can only TRULLY appreciate life if you decide to live A little more than what you are now. 
The drastic dips that life throws will always be there. That stagnant feeling that life ain’t moving will present itself. But so long as you accept that it’s part of the journey then that’s the only time you can start to fully love the journey that is your life. 
In love and Light