Does the thought of an empty page scare you? Or of a blank screen staring back at you waiting for you to feed info into it? A new chapter in life? Turning over a new leaf….?

        “for one to turn over a new Leaf one must separate from the Branches of Habit…”

Am sure this is a dilemma for anyone. So when we delve into it…whatever it may be…we find that it’s never as scary as it may seem.

When it comes to writing, the blank page turns into pages of thoughts or ideas. To me it’s a release of whatever it is am going through. It’s always so refreshing and I leave the world and it’s troubles and get lost in that world.
Trust me, when you visit a shrink and they tell you to get a journal and pen down your feelings please do it… PLEASE DO IT.

I can never stress this enough times.!!!!

Draw if you have to but just fill that empty page.

That release will do so much good you will never believe.
So don’t be afraid to turn the page, start a new chapter, start a fresh story… And try writing it.

Then thank Me later.