There is an African proverb that says,
A happy man marries the girl he loves, but the happier man loves the girl he marries!”

I will get back to this later…

Today I want to post something different…. A Love story!!

Love is here to stay. So as am typing and sipping my coffee let’s take this journey with these two people and see how it unfolds…..

love.jpg“My name is Alphonse and my girlfriend’s name is Penina, we have been together for 15 months. When fate grants you an opportunity like this you take it with one bended knee and hands stretched to show appreciation. You embrace it COMPLETELY!
I and Penina work under the same company but different departments. Penina has good plans which include helping out her family, getting a college degree and getting a well-paying job. My desires are to quit my job and start a mechanical workshop to utilize my God given talents in custom designs.
Our love is very strong, we do all the crazy things new lovers do; we go to an extent of organizing the same shift so as to maximize our time together.
At our workplace they say our love is the best ever.
Penina is well known to my family and they find her amazing and encourage us to maintain the spirit. On her family’s side however it’s challenging to get acquainted to them because of the distance, time and their availability, but during my annual leave was planning to make it happen.
During the festive season i.e. this past December, Penina decided to travel upcountry to celebrate with her family and attend her sister’s wedding which was scheduled for early January.
Along this time I realized that Penina’s communication was dwindling, when I text her she wasn’t replying, when I called the vibrancy in her voice was way down.
Penina finally returns back after the 3rd day after the sister’s wedding. I manage to prepare a decent meal despite my recent back injury and give her the warmest welcome home.
She’s my love.
After a day she accompanies me to see my bike being serviced. While waiting we decide to talk about our future and the resolution for the year ahead. I notice her hesitant while making future arrangements to see her folks, when I query her she bluntly opens up and tells me the huddle she facing from her family and relatives; that they are against our relationship. Only because am from a different tribe…..”

As you ponder on That lemmi refill my cup of coffee and let you in on the rest of the story….