I need to stop forgetting that I’m a brave girl. A woman who follows her heart even if it leads her off a cliff. I know I’m strong enough to climb back up, dust myself off, laugh at the ridiculous of it all and still find room in my heart to allow someone to enter. I need to stop forgetting that I’m a brave girl. That my heart is equal parts glass and stone. The stone protects the delicate bits, the glass shines through the stone and reveals the truth. I’m no weak thing. No shrinking violet. No quivering mess of low self esteem and self doubt. I’m a warrior woman. I’ve been through so much, I forget that what I go through is nothing in comparison. I’ve always found breath. I’ve always found bodies, family, to bury my face into. The tears always dry. The heart always slows to a recognizable rhythm. My spine always straightens just a little bit more. I need to stop forgetting that I’m a brave girl and remind the world that I was brought here to create. Live without regrets. I did it and moved in. The reason will reveal itself in its own time.

So I will continue building a life out of copper and sunlight. Even at my worst, if the sun hits me the right way, or the wrong way, or forgets to hit me at all, something inside me shines anyway.

And this is how the letting go and moving on and allowing peace begins.