Little things aren’t Little at all….

My routine is such that am up every day at 5am in the morning and I have to prepare so that within an hour am in the bus to the CBD. 

The hustle and bustle of everyday rush has left me feeling so worn out lately. I think burn out or just fatigue…..who needs that vitamin called Sea like I do?

So, the reason I decided to write up this piece is that despite my fatigue and weariness That I might feel, when I wake up to do my morning routine I realize that it’s so easy to forget to do the small things that can make your day worth the while. 

I realize when I take time to really look in the mirror when am dressing or brushing my teeth and smile at the person staring back and appreciate her I up my confidence and find that I can face the world head on. 

It’s such a little thing right?….

Well try adding to that, your favorite perfume, a freshly brewed cup of coffee( I prefer a warm mug of cinnamon and honey….try it).., then coffee is a MUST later in the day, lately I have an obsession to Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime, I think it’s such a dope song for anytime of the day…, then before I forget…when the alarm wakes me up, that breathing and heart beat reminds me am alive and well and fortunate… I say thank You to my God…it’s the simplest prayer and it feels so Good. 

I don’t know what does it for you to make your mornings happy ones. I would like to know. 

Meanwhile, why don’t you just take time to appreciate yourself despite your daily Struggles? Smile. Dance. Sing. Pray. Breathe. Even if not in that order. 

Enjoy the small things in life.