There are certain things that should never pass you by. No matter how clogged up your mind is. What does it for me is the Sky. It has always fascinated me. I mean, who wouldn’t be able to notice all that beauty. Day or night?
Yesterday was no exception. My Son and I were going home from church. Taking a walk. The sun high up and blazing. Then I just looked up and the clouds happened to be moving as well. Oh what a sight. As usual I took a picture. They looked like big balls of cotton…slowly drifting away….there was a lot you could read from that movement….or rather just imagine….I wished the clouds could match my mood at that time. So pure. An expanse of white and peace… Having come from Church, I had gotten the peace That comes from just being in the house of The Lord but then There was more…
So being human and all, I was just wondering at the time…and also later…sometimes it’s unnecessary but it’s inevitable. Talk about internal conflicts. I guess I was just going through some motions. It happens right? 
When clouds appear like rocks and towers, the earth’s refreshed by a shower…..then it later became windy and there was a drizzle…

Ofcos, I was indoors by now taking homemade tea and having family time…my mind had rested it’s turmoil. 
This was just awesome! 
Let Your hands be so Busy Catching Blessings that you won’t have the Capacity to hold onto Grudges, Worry, Restlessness…etc 
We don’t need to worry. Just look around for what calms your soul. There is so much to see. Oh so much!! There is so much beauty around us. A way of God telling us and constantly reminding us that He will ever be there. 
So I rest Easy. It’s Monday😊