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May 2016

Are You Listening…?


Listen. Acknowledge. Solve. Thank. 

I am having so many things going through my mind at the moment. It’s a mixture of many things. The list above is of things that we strive to do daily. But am beginning to think that we really take them for granted.

How many of Us really take time to Listen?

Talking is okay. Being listened to is also okay. But being TRULLY heard is the it. Then that way you feel acknowledged and it’s easy to solve the issues at hand and then gratitude becomes so automatic. In the hugs. The smiles. The silent prayers. The pat on the back. 

Many of us wanna talk, but is our audience listening?

Really listening?

And for me to hear what you have to say it has to be oozing positive vibes only. We are so easy to listen to criticism and negative vibes( me included) about us and other people that makes it really sad. And being an all round world we don’t except perfection…

Take time to really listen. But strive to be TRULLY heard as you also hear someone out…

So I am going to sip on my coffee on this rather cool day and hope to be that person that really listens and hears. So why won’t you folks…?

Ps: In an age of Distraction, nothing can Feel more Luxurious than Paying Attention!!!

The Vows Go Broken….

mutwoki's Blog

“I Pauline Mulwa, take thee, Mr. z, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, in Good health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, according to God’s Holy ordinance: and thereto I pledge myself to you!”….

I googled this vow so I can get it right. I haven’t said this to anyone yet…and am Hopeful…(smiles in a daydream).. Don’t mind the title as will see why when am done..

Do we have to say those vows? really? It just got me wondering just a little bit… like why cant it just be a wedding ( church or AG) with a simple promise written by each involved party? I think this vows are so cliche and a mockery to God and society. I mean I would personally feel guilty if…

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Of Life…and Living!

Expectations. People. Kids. Fitness. Reading. Traveling. Loss. Lessons..

These are things we sit and meditate about most often… It might not be in that same order because its not the same for everyone. we are all looking of and for ways to be better than who we were the previous day…

Well as for me……I sit and expect the Best from people…but most times you get disappointments…this is a norm for everyone I bet..right?

I will not dwell on friendships today… that’s for another day.. 🙂

Am truly joyful when I see others Succeed for we can never be at the same level in Life!

I love to be fit…am not that consistent as I should but I am nonetheless. I should do better!

Being a mom is amazing. I love kids. These little people make me smile. Be keen on the lessons you can get from them..!

I am gearing up for a road-trip soon…another thing I have been putting on hold…Traveling!

For as long as I live I don’t think we are  going to feel (for lack of a better word) about this Month of MAY the same way Ever again…that is My entire Extended family….! For me and two of my siblings is the same month we celebrate our Born-day…

Its the Month Papa left us and went to be with the Lord.

It has brought with it more meditation and more quiet time and reflection.  So as usual I want to share ….

I have learnt a lot the past year.. and am tucking in the positive lessons and discarding the negativity.


That its okay to feel down and withdrawn but not to let it affect the people around you.

That expectations suck.

That all kids are a blessing.

That Fitness is positive Energy.

That reading is a must.

That friendships are important…regardless.

That traveling should not be put on hold.

That loss of a loved one is felt for eternity but we learn to live on and carry them in our hearts….. FOREVER!






Papa We Love You!

It all seems like yesterday when on a Tuesday I had come by to see you. We talked. You looked deep into my eyes and in a silent language I could hear what you were almost saying. And I smiled at the fact that you had said you had just had your Meal. But it’s that look I will forever remember: of words unspoken but heard. I heard you Papa. I guess you were ready to go…
Then later in the week ….
It’s the last therapy I did, the last water you took, but what broke my heart was your breathing…you were taking your last… I remember being unable to finish the prayer as I was leading it.. I broke down and cried…

Then later that evening you took your last breath. You were no more. It was over. I can not believe it. Even now…
It’s almost that time…an Anniversary of a great loss…

A day forever Engraved in our hearts. 

I have always wanted to share the speech I prepared at your burial. But I lack courage. But that day I know you were smiling down on us, we could all feel it..

You have no idea what you are missing..

So much has happened that needed your wisdom and guidance. We have grown in leaps and bounds. You would be proud of the milestones. You would be proud to see that you live in our hearts. 

One thing for sure is that, you are forever alive in our hearts. And in the generations to come we will talk of how Amazing you are. Yes am not saying it in past tense because you are…You Live in Us…

Dad, You Still Live in Us.

You Loved. 

You Laughed. 

You Left. 

I know the walk and dance with the angels is awesome. So continue walking and dancing in eternity. We thank God for you and your life. 
We miss you everyday.

We love you forever. 

Happy Birthday to Me!

“If you want your Story to be Magnificent, begin by Realizing you are the Author and everyday is a new page….”
Truer than true!! That’s what the above Quote is. Very True. And as I turn on a new page to a new year, I carry this with me.
Birthdays come with so much promise and Joy and sadness and wonder. It’s a different feeling to everyone. Mine today was of Gratitude. More-so to God for this far I am in life..and To family and to friendships.
Amazing things can happen to your grown up self when you let your inner child come out to PLAY! It’s going to be a better year.

So onto playing, writing and painting the pages of my new year. 😊😊💪

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