It all seems like yesterday when on a Tuesday I had come by to see you. We talked. You looked deep into my eyes and in a silent language I could hear what you were almost saying. And I smiled at the fact that you had said you had just had your Meal. But it’s that look I will forever remember: of words unspoken but heard. I heard you Papa. I guess you were ready to go…
Then later in the week ….
It’s the last therapy I did, the last water you took, but what broke my heart was your breathing…you were taking your last… I remember being unable to finish the prayer as I was leading it.. I broke down and cried…

Then later that evening you took your last breath. You were no more. It was over. I can not believe it. Even now…
It’s almost that time…an Anniversary of a great loss…

A day forever Engraved in our hearts. 

I have always wanted to share the speech I prepared at your burial. But I lack courage. But that day I know you were smiling down on us, we could all feel it..

You have no idea what you are missing..

So much has happened that needed your wisdom and guidance. We have grown in leaps and bounds. You would be proud of the milestones. You would be proud to see that you live in our hearts. 

One thing for sure is that, you are forever alive in our hearts. And in the generations to come we will talk of how Amazing you are. Yes am not saying it in past tense because you are…You Live in Us…

Dad, You Still Live in Us.

You Loved. 

You Laughed. 

You Left. 

I know the walk and dance with the angels is awesome. So continue walking and dancing in eternity. We thank God for you and your life. 
We miss you everyday.

We love you forever.