Listen. Acknowledge. Solve. Thank. 

I am having so many things going through my mind at the moment. It’s a mixture of many things. The list above is of things that we strive to do daily. But am beginning to think that we really take them for granted.

How many of Us really take time to Listen?

Talking is okay. Being listened to is also okay. But being TRULLY heard is the it. Then that way you feel acknowledged and it’s easy to solve the issues at hand and then gratitude becomes so automatic. In the hugs. The smiles. The silent prayers. The pat on the back. 

Many of us wanna talk, but is our audience listening?

Really listening?

And for me to hear what you have to say it has to be oozing positive vibes only. We are so easy to listen to criticism and negative vibes( me included) about us and other people that makes it really sad. And being an all round world we don’t except perfection…

Take time to really listen. But strive to be TRULLY heard as you also hear someone out…

So I am going to sip on my coffee on this rather cool day and hope to be that person that really listens and hears. So why won’t you folks…?

Ps: In an age of Distraction, nothing can Feel more Luxurious than Paying Attention!!!