Let’s talk…

Situations we Have no control over. Things we can’t change. Drastic Dips that life throws at us. So many things can go wrong at a given time. That’s the human nature. 
Pep talks are more than important. I was telling myself,”Pauline you can do this shit, just relax. Breathe in and out!!” When things build to a certain pressure you feel like you are going to explode. You become edgy. You feel injured…Then you remember that it’s never that serious and try to focus again, and find what’s right with the world. 
Clean up your energy and smile. There are a zillion reasons to: 
Talking to God. 
Soul Food Sunday with Family. 
Hugs from my Son. Those little hands are Magic… Any Parent in the House!!?? You Feel me?? Yeah you do!!
Waking up well rested is not to be taken for granted. For REAL!!
Texting with a friend or a loved one and having fun at it. Connection is VITAL❗️
Five minutes of quite time. ALONE!!
The Sun after a storm. OH YEAH!!
Friends with whom no words are necessary…UH HUH!😁
Folks who care enough to level with You when you need it. TRUTH!! Am not perfect and No one is.. So if am wrong tell me. Someone told me don’t wait for the perfect time to tell someone something. And I Listened. Tell it as it is.
Not Caring what people say about you. I was a sucker for this at some point and it ate at me big time. Some people will say things about you that will leave you wordless literally. My GOODNESS ME!!!
Strength is a beautiful thing to have. You can only have this if you PRAY. 
SO YEAH, give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Live. Laugh. Share your light. Clean up your energy. Don’t get stuck up on what is going wrong. It’s easy to, but don’t dwell on it. If you do call me we encourage one another. 
It’s almost midday and it’s Snack attack. Shine. Sparkle. Glow. Stay Fab. NOW. THIS. MOMENT. 
Love and Light.