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August 2016

Daily Struggles #2: Learn How to Breathe!!

When was the last time you listened to the sound of your own Breathing?
When you’re faced with difficult situations you should learn how to just BREATHE!!
Right! Right! Right!
Admittedly, I often forget. At times I realize I am holding my breathe unknowingly and have to let it out In a slow exhale as I figure out what it is that made me hold it all in the first place…
Ragged.. Unpredictable… Strange… Twisted…. Life can be all these at times…
That’s why we all sometimes need pick-me-ups….. If you don’t need at least one then you’re not human enough…..sorry..LOL!
Feeling down? Going thru a rough time? Need a hug? Or two?
So a good pick-me-up has a wide range. For fresh starts and fab ways to tackle the day…

Take a long shower…

Wear something extremely comfy….I love my black canvas shoes….

Perfume goes a long way…of-cos you know this!!

Do I need to mention coffee….? This is obvious…but I  will also encourage a carrot cake milkshake if the day is super hot…you can thank Me later…

A good book…

A quote a day: “If you get tired, learn to Rest not Quit!!”

And Breathe!!!!

And As much as you can, stay away from negative people. They have a problem to every solution.

You will have a new view of the world that surrounds you and the will to fix the situations as they arise.

Take that extra mile!!

This is the power of little things…They do go along way.

So breathe!!!

Being Centred, Coffee and Happiness…

Three Mugs of Coffee ago, a clear and alert mind…like Really Alert, and an itch to just share what’s on my mind…
But before I do I would like to share a simple recipe for something refreshing it will AMAZE YOU….

coffee-chocolate-vanilla-whipped cream=HEAVEN!!! In a cup of brewed coffee add chocolate syrup like two tablespoons, some vanilla and a quarter cup of whipped cream… You be the Judge😉!!
Moving on.. 😊
So Basically, we should spend days being centered mind- body- spirit. Moving past the hurts and struggles.

By doing what we love and being with those who value and respect our time and presence. The chase for The happy has been like a full time job it has become stress….While the things we look for are not to be chased, they come so naturally but because we are busy focused on our daily struggles we keep missing them all the damn time.
What do I want?
I want Days spent getting lost in the right direction…
I want to be still and feel the moment…
I want to enjoy every breath I take…
Savor precious moments…
Good health..
Moments of Truth..
Appreciate people for who they are…
Be kind… To myself and to others..

Sometimes we get caught in fantasies and forget about realities,which eventually gets us messed up and confused when time has passed us by, and sadly that’s when the shoulda coulda woulda context comes in and brings most of us to depression….

Regretting the time we wasted not appreciating “living out loud”….
So as I add more sweet delightfulness of coffee and syrup into my being…, I say cheers to more awesome drinks like these, and more centered-ness…..for Enjoyment is just the sound of being Centered( Rajneesh)!

Share Your Shine…

I was reaching for my cup of cinnamon tea on a cold Wednesday afternoon and realized I had already had my last sip….dang!! Am not sure what time the last sip happened. I must have been engrossed in what I was reading and the song playing at the time…..Ordinary World- Red. And Am yet to decide which version I like best. Duran Duran or Red…. Maybe Both..? Let me know which one you prefer….But it’s so deep!!!
I knew I wanted to write down something. I am not sure what. I can’t say I woke up feeling all that yay…. I am fatigued and I need me a Vacation..but my day is good now..despite the cold…someone managed to cheer me up…:)..
Well sometimes it’s not about how tired we feel or how heavy the day seems. At times the beauty of knowing someone somewhere cares and thinks the world of you is all you need.

I am pretty sure that someone somewhere needs it and we need to share our sunshine regardless.
Our little actions and words can be a turning point indeed. They often go along way. Sometimes No one can tell what’s on another’s mind by just looking and assuming. The old lady seated next to me was very polite and she just said a warm, “Goodevening madam…” As she sat next to me in the bus I was in. I don’t particularly like that ‘madam’ part as it makes me feel old…LOL if anyone was to ask me how old I feel today I would say NOT sixty….. I would say 26. I think it’s a good age…kinda. Lol..

This is just an example of how a simple hello can help change the thought pattern… I guess the point is simple: kind gestures have to be fixed into our daily life…
So do Share your Sunshine!!

Daily Struggle #1

5:04am. Tuesday… I jump out of bed and go to the bathroom.. I then brush my teeth with my eyes half open.. I don’t even smile.. I feel like am sleep more hour would have been super kidding!!Then I shower and I catch a glimpse of my grumpy self.. I look at the person on the other side and am like, “Eish, why the long face Lady!?…Geez..!!” 

There are such mornings where we let negativity and worry rent a lot of space in our minds. Where we let things happening outside of your scope affect your inner being. Where you feel like sulking days on end is the easier way out..

Just looking at myself in the mirror brought me a turning point: my beating heart… A fact that says am alive and highly blessed…and I smiled. I don’t know why I woke up feeling low…and am not hormonal LOL!!

Anyway, on my way to work I once again told the negative committee that was meeting inside my head to sit down and just shut the F up!!

And I embarked on asking me some questions and one of them although clichè was: AM I LIVING OR EXISTING? 

This I bet is a daily struggle for anyone and I bet as well, the answer changes daily depending on the struggle..

So today, I chose to live. And I want to choose to Live every single day I wake up. And for the next few days I will be having this as a challenge till it’s deeply rooted. 

So, am glad am even writing this because it’s one of the things I love doing and makes me feel like am alive. 

It’s 11:46am and I can’t tell you how much good it feels now to Just be Alive. And I am also listening to Daughtry…Yay!!
Peace and Light



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