5:04am. Tuesday… I jump out of bed and go to the bathroom.. I then brush my teeth with my eyes half open.. I don’t even smile.. I feel like am sleep deprived..one more hour would have been super Ideal..no kidding!!Then I shower and I catch a glimpse of my grumpy self.. I look at the person on the other side and am like, “Eish, why the long face Lady!?…Geez..!!” 

There are such mornings where we let negativity and worry rent a lot of space in our minds. Where we let things happening outside of your scope affect your inner being. Where you feel like sulking days on end is the easier way out..

Just looking at myself in the mirror brought me a turning point: my beating heart… A fact that says am alive and highly blessed…and I smiled. I don’t know why I woke up feeling low…and am not hormonal LOL!!

Anyway, on my way to work I once again told the negative committee that was meeting inside my head to sit down and just shut the F up!!

And I embarked on asking me some questions and one of them although clichè was: AM I LIVING OR EXISTING? 

This I bet is a daily struggle for anyone and I bet as well, the answer changes daily depending on the struggle..

So today, I chose to live. And I want to choose to Live every single day I wake up. And for the next few days I will be having this as a challenge till it’s deeply rooted. 

So, am glad am even writing this because it’s one of the things I love doing and makes me feel like am alive. 

It’s 11:46am and I can’t tell you how much good it feels now to Just be Alive. And I am also listening to Daughtry…Yay!!
Peace and Light