When was the last time you listened to the sound of your own Breathing?
When you’re faced with difficult situations you should learn how to just BREATHE!!
Right! Right! Right!
Admittedly, I often forget. At times I realize I am holding my breathe unknowingly and have to let it out In a slow exhale as I figure out what it is that made me hold it all in the first place…
Ragged.. Unpredictable… Strange… Twisted…. Life can be all these at times…
That’s why we all sometimes need pick-me-ups….. If you don’t need at least one then you’re not human enough…..sorry..LOL!
Feeling down? Going thru a rough time? Need a hug? Or two?
So a good pick-me-up has a wide range. For fresh starts and fab ways to tackle the day…

Take a long shower…

Wear something extremely comfy….I love my black canvas shoes….

Perfume goes a long way…of-cos you know this!!

Do I need to mention coffee….? This is obvious…but I  will also encourage a carrot cake milkshake if the day is super hot…you can thank Me later…

A good book…

A quote a day: “If you get tired, learn to Rest not Quit!!”

And Breathe!!!!

And As much as you can, stay away from negative people. They have a problem to every solution.

You will have a new view of the world that surrounds you and the will to fix the situations as they arise.

Take that extra mile!!

This is the power of little things…They do go along way.

So breathe!!!