Most of the talk going on at this time of the year is more about resolutions which is pretty okay. It’s the third day of 2017 after all. ( HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE😊💐). 
I think for me it’s always been about lessons learnt and just how to go on from there. With a new perspective. New insight. Step by step. Bit by bit. One day at a time..
Today is a good day to have a good day. Recovering from the long hours on the road. The holiday was good. Mangoes. Sunglasses. Mangoes. Hats. Mangoes Sandals. Mangoes… Happy Feet as they stepped on the sand. The walks on the beach. The water as we dived into it….aaaah, the Beach. Such a Happy place to be….What more do you need. Therapy reloaded. I could never ask for a better time off. To unwind. Shake off some of the shitty things of the year gone by… But also to celebrate and be thankful for all the blessings and lessons from it!!!

Every year has it’s share of ups and downs. Well, it’s pretty obvious as it’s the norm. I have learnt some major things. And hard lessons…


It’s okay to put yourself first. It’s not selfish at all.

It’s okay to breathe easy. Shake off bad vibes. 

It’s okay to not dwell on negativity. 

It’s okay when people don’t prioritize you..esp people you hold ‘dear!’ 

It’s okay to be broke and coz you learn how to budget better. 

It’s okay to smile even when you feel broken. 

It’s okay to cry and scream if you want to…let out steam.

It’s okay to work hard and reward yourself. 

It’s okay to enjoy the music and the lyrics too. 

It’s okay to skip a day of exercise if you are not up for it( but not for long though)

It’s okay to have more than one mug of coffee. 

It’s okay to feel appreciated and loved. 

The list is long…


It’s not okay to be around toxicity. 

It’s not okay to be made to feel unworthy. 

It’s not okay to be hold stuff inside. 

It’s not okay to let people belittle your ambitions. 

It’s not okay to postpone travel when you have time. 

The list is also long…

All in all. I am grateful for:




A job. 




Providence.( God had been good)


Even the tears!!

When all these come together they reveal just how human I can be. Am more than happy as I say that my almost daily prayer will be and has been, “for this far I am in my life, THANK YOU GOD!!!”

And after-all:

There are two ways to be happy:

Improve your reality or lower your expectations. 

Have A Good year with Fresh Vibes and Good Times. Learn. Learn. LEARN!!