I am purposed on maintaining a weight that is ideal. So this morning, I’m busy making coffee and oatmeal and loading it with some almonds and raisins and some milk. I love my mornings. The freshness of it and the new promise. When I’ve had a goodnight sleep I will wake up and work out at least four times a week is good (take time to enjoy breakfast)…So while I’m enjoying this awesomeness, I’m not so much worried about my physical weight….per se…..

We obsess on loosing physical weight and forget about the mental weight. 

There is so much that weighs down on us. So much that even contributes to the physical weight naturally. 

Emotional baggage is serious. We go on into the days with so much on our minds. 

I did an observation on myself recently, that when I wake up and affirm myself positively and smile and give thanks I will have a grand morning and day…

When I’m rushing to turn off the alarm and with questions of yesterday, then I lack motivation to face the day…
So in as much as you are doing all you do to loose that muffin top, or whatever it is that’s your target weight, do it with a free mind. Breath in. Breath out. Feel the moment that is now. And go on and enjoy your bowl of morning cereal or afternoon salad or whatever tickles your fancy..
Stresses are there but if you know how to not let things weigh you down then you learn to enjoy other things. Have a spirit of letting things go…

It’s not a one day thing, it’s a journey that starts with positive self affirmation. 
Happiness is an inside job continue to Embrace it!!