Here we are Again…END OF THE YEAR!!
2017! 2017! 2017! Poof!!!
WOW! What a Year!
It’s about time we bid it adieu. 
What a Different Year, cast and script we’ve all had. Phew!
The year has had so much going on. As usual…Emotional roller-coasters, the high-highs, the low-lows, the in-betweens, many many learning experiences. There were some days that made me age so much in one sitting. Other days that made me feel so young and vibrant. Like literally sitting on top of the world. All in all, I am wiser most definitely. For choosing to focus my eyes above the waves of Life. I draw my wisdom and strength because I choose to learn from the Lessons of Life. 
If I was to sum up this year in one word, it’ll probably be AWAKENING. Like the breaking of dawn, I’ve felt awakened in so many aspects. The MIND. The BODY. The SPIRIT. 
The MIND: I choose to focus on what matters most. At some point I almost allow negativity to take over and in that fleeting moment, I’m crushed! I’m human. I’m slowly and steadily finding it easy to pick my surroundings, not the other way around. With people and with situations. Like they say, aim to be a rainbow in someone’s mind. 
The BODY: oh this is a forever battle!!

Choosing a life of Fitness and Zen-ness can be challenging. You have to purpose to do it. I accept this challenge every morning when I wake up. After all, I am what I eat and think. Right?? So let’s eat those cucumbers people☺️
The SPIRIT: this is all the most important. Feeding my spirit has helped me sort through some situations that were hard. God never fails. His Grace will never fail. It’s so sufficient in my life. Yay!! And remember, don’t be against yourself: STAY POSITIVE😀😊
As the Cheer and the Christmas Spirit fills the earth, I approach the end of the year with gratitude. After all, Gratitude is a very powerful instrument. I am looking forward to more oomph and actualization in 2018. Gratitude should take the biggest part of it. For Life. For. Health. For Provision. For Family. For Friendships. For Love. For Laughter. For the Here. For the Now. 
My sleeves are rolled for 2018. Armed and ready to Sparkle On!!