Living in the moment…..
Often times, it’s conflicting when you think about this statement. 

Yes, day to day we gather experiences and moments that linger on forever. Not to be edited or forgotten. 
We purpose to be in the here and the now. 
But often times, our mind drifts to the what ifs. 

You become cloudy in judgement of the present moments and doubt kicks in big time.

You miss out on the moment and it passes you by just like that. 

You at times wake up in some mornings and you lack the zest to do anything. 

You feel exhausted and the world weighs in on you…..This is very human. 

You lack the motivation to do anything important.

You feel drained. 

You overthink situations. 

And wonder whether anything you do is truly worthwhile…..Again, a very human tendency. 
It’s at times like this that are wake-me-up moments and turning points because they’re like vampires…they sap the energy right out of you only to leave you totally drained..and you wonder, why you have to dwell on the negative vibes. 
If you’re a positive person most of the times you can relate. It feels like prison. You want to get out of that negative moment and face the world head on. 
You want to get out of that moment and experience what the world has to offer and gain the experience from it all. 
It’s in that moment that you count and appreciate all the blessings that are there. 
It’s in that moment that you pray so hard for added strength. 
It’s in that moment that you realize you have come from so far for you to turn back. 
It’s in that moment that you exhale the bad vibes and inhale the good that is in life. 
It’s in that moment that life makes so much sense you pinch yourself for ever doubting your capabilities. 
It’s in that moment that you truly LIVE!!