What makes me take time to write a post is my entry…Most of the time I want to say, “so, the other day blah blah…!” Or So, this great person I know… Then I hold back some and I end up saving it somewhere in my heart. When I go searching for it I find it mixed up with so many other entries and just smile as I try to sort out which is which.   

So here I am, still using my favourite word. Makes me seem unsure huh? It feels like it at times. But when the flow comes, it doesn’t matter where I am. As long as I have my phone or a pen and a paper. I will write away. It explains the sooo many sub notes I have. 

So what’s on my mind?! As usual it’s a buzz of a million thoughts.  

I heard a song today, a old classic by Pearbo Bryson and if you know him at all his songs can make you fall in love with the idea of being in love and loving somebody fiercely. Yeah I know I sound corny but it’s true. So I was thinking about that song and that feeling. Those feelings that you wanna feel. Haha And I wanted to write a novel at that time. It actually inspired my musings at this hour 17:05 on a rather hot Tuesday evening. The song holds a promise and a deep kinda hope. That would definately take a romantic to cloud nine. 

It’s very okay to feel like this. It’s actually refreshing. As you can tell today am focused on love. Romantic live that is. I believe in love. I never used to at some bleak point in life, but now I so Do!! And I guess it’s a given for us to feel like true romantic love doesn’t exist and It’s normal…..we all pass thru this phase. Let no one fool you. 

(To be continued…..)