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Self Care is Not Selfish…

Lucile Ball puts it so nicely, “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world!”

I couldn’t agree more. Life is busy. Many of us forget to self care because we are too busy….or rather, ‘too busy’…or ‘we don’t have time’….

BUT….we can create it as we make our other plans….as you schedule in other things in your busy days…don’t forget to include you!

A nice cup of coffee.or tea…with a good book or cake…. :-p

A massage…

A short trip…

A gym session…..

Whatever you love to do……DO IT!

We are often told to fall in love with taking care of ourselves ..MIND, BODY & SOUL!

This spiritual journey has nothing to do about being nice….being nice comes in when you are REAL. AUTHENTIC. HAVING/SETTING BOUNDARIES. HONORING YOUR SPACE FIRST….Then being nice comes in naturally….it Flows not motivated by fear but by Love….Love of self…. It all starts form you…. easy to say but very doable…..just fix it in your days/day….write it down and plaster it on your walls if you have to….lol

So find something that works for you and turn it into YOUR TIME!!

Here are some quotes to help you be authentic and to remind you that you also matter:-


Quotable Quotes…

Stop being on auto-pilot, Put yourself first, 

Recognize yourself, 

Stop pleasing other people,

or chasing some version of success that doesn’t resonate with you,

No need to numb it out with food, shopping, booze, TV, or other distractions,

Stop being worn down, beat up, stressed out, and completely depleted…. 
Wake Up

Live Intentionally!!! 


The List….✨

I told myself to pick something random to do. Anything that will help in this journey of authenticity. So I took a book and wrote down three things that I want to carry into the year ahead…

To smile!
To Breathe!
To shake it off!

Reflections of the year gone by are oh so mighty….Oh boy what a year!!!It feels like a blink of an eye. Working too hard. So much to do. So little time. Too many emotions. Too many changes. Leaps. Dips. Bounds. The works… An attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving for the year that has been is all I have….WHOA!!!

SMILE:Smiling moments have been many. But the moment that crowns it all is smiling because God has got my back no matter what. And many many tiny wow (in a good way) moments…engraved in my heart!!

BREATH: It’s inevitable at times…to find yourself holding your breath because you allow yourself to be consumed in what the tough and rough times offer….as it’s human and universal…take time and breath…just whoosa as much as you can. Through Disappointments…breathe! Through Expectations…breathe! Anger…..breath! Tiredness….breath!!

SHAKE IT OFF:You ever found yourself in a situation where so much is expected of you and you give it your all and somehow it’s never enough? Yeah, I know you know what am talking about…well, honey, don’t stress…just SHAKE IT OFF!! There is only so much we can possibly do. Situations, people, some days will always want more from you. Don’t kill yourself trying to fit in.SHAKE IT …….OOOF!!!

So I sat and looked at my list and thought how simple yet at times hard to do these things. Really!!! But I will carry this through.

As a human, given a plain white piece of paper with a single black dot placed randomly within the paper…we tend to focus on the black dot missing out on all the white and we just end up feeling stuck up, bitter…etc…

But life is an adventure….the real adventure is the life we share with the people we have along the way. The adventure of a lifetime is always right in front of us….it’s cleverly disguised as a familiar face.

There is always a million pick me ups along the journey. Let’s focus on the white. The positive vibes. The familiar faces that care. The moments that make your heart smile. Let the hard times shape and STRENGTHEN you, don’t let them bring you down.


A brand new year AWAITS!!


A Little Time Out..

Pauline, you mean you just decide to go a cafe/restaurant and have coffee/eat all by yourself?”

Of cos I do. I enjoy my company a lot.
Someone once asked me… I was shocked. I mean why not? It’s encouraged to take yourself to a place you enjoy and just be. You can have a book. Music. Or just look around.
Life gets intense. Uncertain. And super fast.

It’s easy to loose yourself in the daily grind. And that’s not a GOOD place to be at. It sometimes feels like you loose your mind and as a “search team” is out there looking for it….for me it’s time out alone to find this mind. Lol

Take time to reconnect with yourself once in a while. Recharge your batteries. It’s therapy.

There are so much we desire to do and hope to be. Open hearted. Awake. A desire to live a great life. To be connected emotionally. Personally. Spiritually.

When the pressures multiply then we become edgy and loose all the above… We are more like battery operated machines. Doing routines……Things we can do with our eyes closed.
So why not take time off…for you??

“living in the pink” is the book am currently reading. It’s an awesome book. And while I sip my lemonade.( it’s been super hot)…and turn the pages of this book… I touch base with my spirituality…. It’s one of those aspects we tend to loose focus on when the hussle gets real…sadly!!

So if you see me alone a book, headphones, coffee/tea/cake on the table…seated somewhere…, then am just doing myself a huge favor by treating myself to some “myself time”…lol

For some it’s an out of town stay, gym day, spa day… Whatever you fancy go for it!!

If you are looking for that one person who can change your life, take a look in the mirror…..!”


Hello, how are you…?

No am not writing down Adele’s song, but I would want to you to feel the realness of the simple statement esp. when she starts it off..

From this side though.., where it’s more of a disregarded formality, I would like us to take a small trip into ‘how we are!’

When was the last time you met someone who asked you how you really are? And really meant it?

I can raise my hand and say with all honesty that It’s become a rare thing.

Life has moved so fast for some of us to catch up so much so that some people don’t care anymore.

They want you to know their frustrations and predicaments.

People are squeezed into corners of the ‘me’ syndrome. Some unknowingly… Some because they are just self centered…

I want to tell you am sorry if personally I forget to ask how you really are if we ever meet and the world seems to be all in about to ball out.

Not to say that as an excuse. No. No. No.

It’s merely an observation. A keen one at that.

I met a pal sometime back and to be honest they did not bother to ask how I was. It feels off to me. Esp if you care enough to actually wanna know…

And so it boils down to listening and being heard. Of which it’s a day to day thing that we forget😩😩…(let’s learn and master the art of listening people…)

It’s human to have the pressures in life. It’s selfish to think it’s all about you and how you feel. And what revolves around you.

Take time to ask, hello, how are you and actually mean it!! Coz most often this is answered by ….’how about you!?’

After TRULY getting thru the greetings then we can tell if we are ready to share all we have bottled inside or if the energy can match ours.

I stand to be corrected though. People feel differently about different things. But before going on to tell someone you’ve met with so much, it’s okay and wise to know just how they are…

As Adele’s song fades in the background of my memory with her ever so amazing song I say my hello to you….!

Daily Struggles #2: Learn How to Breathe!!

When was the last time you listened to the sound of your own Breathing?
When you’re faced with difficult situations you should learn how to just BREATHE!!
Right! Right! Right!
Admittedly, I often forget. At times I realize I am holding my breathe unknowingly and have to let it out In a slow exhale as I figure out what it is that made me hold it all in the first place…
Ragged.. Unpredictable… Strange… Twisted…. Life can be all these at times…
That’s why we all sometimes need pick-me-ups….. If you don’t need at least one then you’re not human enough…..sorry..LOL!
Feeling down? Going thru a rough time? Need a hug? Or two?
So a good pick-me-up has a wide range. For fresh starts and fab ways to tackle the day…

Take a long shower…

Wear something extremely comfy….I love my black canvas shoes….

Perfume goes a long way…of-cos you know this!!

Do I need to mention coffee….? This is obvious…but I  will also encourage a carrot cake milkshake if the day is super hot…you can thank Me later…

A good book…

A quote a day: “If you get tired, learn to Rest not Quit!!”

And Breathe!!!!

And As much as you can, stay away from negative people. They have a problem to every solution.

You will have a new view of the world that surrounds you and the will to fix the situations as they arise.

Take that extra mile!!

This is the power of little things…They do go along way.

So breathe!!!


I was holding my pen and for about 5 minutes I was listening to a song by United Pursuit which I have never heard before. About God and Creation. It wowed me to be honest. The guitar in it is amazing and the lyrics as well. Waking up everyday is indeed a gift. I love to take time and appreciate life and thank God. Most of the times when we pen stuff down it’s almost always a vent. Lol

But I just want to say that we can optimize our life in doing small things that Go a long long way. 

There are ways where we can avoid holding our breathe for long because we are going through some thing or a hurt. 

Being Thankful for what we have( however little)..

Taking time to appreciate the people in our lives who make it worthwhile..

Learning and expanding our scope in life…

Laughing it off literally….it’s never that serious…(for real)…

Relaxing…taking time off daily to just be and breathe…..inhale….exhale….

My all time favorite is Approving of myself….it’s an everyday thing by the way…you have to be your own hero…

Facing our fears…

Embracing the Sorrounding… How many times do we just move in almost robotic ways…without taking time to see how blessed we are?

We walk around like ticking time bombs. Holding and carrying other people’s burden while we have ours to carry. So time tick tocks waiting for you to explode…. While all this is unnecessary… Hence why we should just take time to breathe. I know for a fact that the first thing to do when faced with certain things is to just take time and BREATHE!!!!….Whooooooosa…!!

Before I forget…always try new things…so one day I was having a nice relaxed evening with someone so we decided to have coffee…so the menu came and I decided to try something different..a white chocolate something..and the waiter highly recommended it…you all know am a coffee person…so when our orders came and I sipped….DAMN….it was hate at first sip….lol…yeah, hate is a strong word…but truth is also Strong…lol…

It was just nasty…but am glad I tried it…it never spoiled the evening at all in fact we laughed about it and we still do….but that’s just my opinion, feel free to have it please. 😂🙈. 

So as I sip my coffee, black as I like it in the mornings…and still listening to United Pursuit..I am thankful for so much. Everyday is a new promise to do better than yesterday. 

Peace and Light, 


Are You Listening…?


Listen. Acknowledge. Solve. Thank. 

I am having so many things going through my mind at the moment. It’s a mixture of many things. The list above is of things that we strive to do daily. But am beginning to think that we really take them for granted.

How many of Us really take time to Listen?

Talking is okay. Being listened to is also okay. But being TRULLY heard is the it. Then that way you feel acknowledged and it’s easy to solve the issues at hand and then gratitude becomes so automatic. In the hugs. The smiles. The silent prayers. The pat on the back. 

Many of us wanna talk, but is our audience listening?

Really listening?

And for me to hear what you have to say it has to be oozing positive vibes only. We are so easy to listen to criticism and negative vibes( me included) about us and other people that makes it really sad. And being an all round world we don’t except perfection…

Take time to really listen. But strive to be TRULLY heard as you also hear someone out…

So I am going to sip on my coffee on this rather cool day and hope to be that person that really listens and hears. So why won’t you folks…?

Ps: In an age of Distraction, nothing can Feel more Luxurious than Paying Attention!!!

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