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Being Hands on…

16:12 pm

The 4th day of April 2018. 

Having been in the office the whole day, where it’s been chilly, I’m welcoming the warmth of the sun on my face….and Oh it feels heavenly. 

It’s been a mildly busy day. And my mind has been racing today. Too many things to think about. 

But I can’t complain really. I’m alive. I’m Here….. Now…in this moment😊!

And with my grateful heart, and my rambling thoughts I managed to enjoy a pen down. 

As you grow older, you realize why and how words are only words unless you back them up with some action. 

It’s just a question of training yourself and also the very many experiences you encounter as you scurry through life. 

Life is hands on. 

You have to put actions into the thoughts that fill your mind. Be it affirmations. Dreams. Goals….you have to get into it!

While at it, avoid getting distracted by things that have nothing to do with your goals. 

There are many things that we just think about but we don’t put them into action. Today morning is a good example…I snoozed my phone while I should’ve got out and did my workout. The result was me feeling even more tired. 

Clearly….when you snooze you loose. 

So aim at doing the hard thing. Challenge yourself to do better every moment. Kick out that duvet and face the day. 

I teach my son that you have to be practical in life. Read. Play. Help out…..

This life is not for being spoon fed. It’s tough…it’s beautiful. It’s a one shot chance to be the best we can be. You can’t get through life always thinking you’re right. Make mistakes but give life a chance. Live. 

“A certain type of perfection can only be realized through a limitless accumulation of imperfect!”
Do your art. Dance. Sing. Create. Workout. Read. Hug. Cook. Don’t just talk and talk. 

Try to be hands on. It’s fun. 


A Little Time Out..

Pauline, you mean you just decide to go a cafe/restaurant and have coffee/eat all by yourself?”

Of cos I do. I enjoy my company a lot.
Someone once asked me… I was shocked. I mean why not? It’s encouraged to take yourself to a place you enjoy and just be. You can have a book. Music. Or just look around.
Life gets intense. Uncertain. And super fast.

It’s easy to loose yourself in the daily grind. And that’s not a GOOD place to be at. It sometimes feels like you loose your mind and as a “search team” is out there looking for it….for me it’s time out alone to find this mind. Lol

Take time to reconnect with yourself once in a while. Recharge your batteries. It’s therapy.

There are so much we desire to do and hope to be. Open hearted. Awake. A desire to live a great life. To be connected emotionally. Personally. Spiritually.

When the pressures multiply then we become edgy and loose all the above… We are more like battery operated machines. Doing routines……Things we can do with our eyes closed.
So why not take time off…for you??

“living in the pink” is the book am currently reading. It’s an awesome book. And while I sip my lemonade.( it’s been super hot)…and turn the pages of this book… I touch base with my spirituality…. It’s one of those aspects we tend to loose focus on when the hussle gets real…sadly!!

So if you see me alone a book, headphones, coffee/tea/cake on the table…seated somewhere…, then am just doing myself a huge favor by treating myself to some “myself time”…lol

For some it’s an out of town stay, gym day, spa day… Whatever you fancy go for it!!

If you are looking for that one person who can change your life, take a look in the mirror…..!”

Muscle Up…


Hold Up….!!!

That was the Halt to my workout regimen. I tell you.. Things like  fitness need strength. LOL

BUT that’s not the only thing that does. 

Life in totality needs you to muscle up thru trials….not to chicken out..

The reason why I decided to write up this one is why it’s so easy to get tired of things. Maybe its because of constant disappointments, lack of belief in oneself, empty promises…the list as you can guess is quite lengthy….

Personally I start a work out program and somewhere down the line I blame life…….

on it getting busy. Forgetting that the very life that am so busy creating is one I want of energy filled days. And trust me exercise is one way to go…

For anything to grow it needs to be properly tended to: commitment, keeping the fire burning, fulfilled promises, love, determination, care, …patience… Generally making sure the colors we paint for our lives are bright and beautiful for life can decide to paint dullness if we let it. 

Now how about we go Gung-ho💪💪 on workouts…and life in general?

I know I can do it and you can too…

So I fluff my feathers and take a step to better days ahead. Who is with me…?

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