It’s a click away….
That moment you wanna keep. That view that will take your breath away… There is always that memory you wanna capture. Irresistible. Fierce. Beautiful. One of a kind. Bold. Priceless…

It’s a click away…

And with technology we don’t have an excuse why not to capture such moments. Maybe you are not that kind of a person. Maybe you just behold the sight and keep it in.. Oh well…

If am not able or not in a position to, I always tell someone to do it for me. 

So I always try not to miss the sunrise. Oh my….am not apologizing for my Beautiful obsessionšŸ˜Ž! 

Yesterday’s was just beautiful. All that fierceness and beauty. So irresistible. So It was yet another chance to have more beauty in my memory. 

At heart it will always be. My therapy. A reminder that there is a new promise in every day and Not just a reminder….A beautiful reminder. 

It’s just a click away. Why don’t you share your sunrise!!?